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About Vita 5 Nutrition
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Know Your Vitamin Company

Because the nutritional supplement business is under-regulated and confusing, today’s educated consumers need to know the company behind their supplements and feel confident in their purchasing decision. This is an important endeavor for all of us.

Experience: Vita5 Nutrition has been making liquid supplements for years, has developed over 100 formulas, and is considered to be a leader in liquid nutritional technology.

Quality: The Company is committed to producing liquids of the highest quality. Vita5 products contain no fillers, binders, animal by-products or artificial colors.

Value: Our customers can be confident that the nutrients listed on an Vita5 product label actually reflect the contents and in the amounts shown. And the most cost-effective way to stay healthy is by taking your nutrients daily.

Integrity: Vita 5 Nutrition, Inc. (Vita5) is a company based on Christian principles. These products have been a blessing to us and we've also received many heart-warming testimonials from others. We hope that these products will prove to be a blessing to you, too!

Why Take Vitamins?

When a health problem is acute, pharmaceutical medicines can rescue us from a life-threatening emergency. Prior to a crisis however, a rapidly growing number of us want to be more pro-active in maintaining our health. An optimal level of health, not just in response to ill-health or aiming for a minimum requirement, could prevent most of our problems. We want to avoid toxic side effects, symptoms which require additional medications, and the fear of unsafe drugs. Initiating a supplement regimen - along with a healthy diet and exercise - allows the body to function more from an enabling basis: supporting and strengthening our own immune systems.





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